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Cracking the UPSC exam is a great achievement. The IAS examination is regarded to be the most challenging in India. As you are aware, the UPSC Syllabus is so extensive and varied that you must dedicate at least months to your preparation. While you are bringing your preparation into action, it is only normal to become distracted.  

You must be able to ignore all other distractions and focus entirely on the task at hand if you want to get where you’re going. Distractions can throw you off track, complicate your Civil Service Exam preparation, and prevent you from accomplishing your goals. In order to avoid distractions and succeed in the UPSC, we are giving you five useful golden suggestions. 

1. Establish and adhere to a routine 

We are habitual creatures. Moving away from the routine and breaking a habit are really difficult tasks. It would be difficult not to adhere to a strict routine and positive habits that we have established. So, establish a disciplined, healthy regimen that will help you study for the IAS. You would physically struggle to disengage yourself when distractions arise. Focus is the key. 

IAS preparation can be a very difficult process, especially at first. Don’t stress about getting things perfect the first time; instead, break things up into manageable pieces. If you’re having problems comprehending the idea, try to grasp the “big picture.” The specifics will be simpler to comprehend as a result. Through this way, reduce your distractions and stick to a routine. 

2. Define your goal 

You should focus on your IAS preparation purely for the aim to reach your ultimate goal. Imagine yourself in the future as an IAS officer, where you would have power and status in addition to the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to actively affect the lives of others. 

 Enjoy your study time and don’t be afraid of the test. No exam is given to scare you; rather, it is given to help you advance and realise your capability. Even if you think your goal is impossible, set one for yourself. Increase your effort and you might be pleasantly surprised by yourself. Reward yourself for even the tiniest success to keep you motivated. If you study hard, feel prepared, and perform well on an exam, treat yourself. 

 You should avoid social networking sites, smartphones, and noisy friends in order to focus on this big goal. Set out a specific time for your distractions, such as checking your emails, making calls to friends and family, or watching television for a short time. 

3.Find a suitable place to study 

When you try to sit down and prepare for the UPSC test, you can regularly notice that your mind wanders. It is because studying for it can be challenging and stressful. Find a spot to study that is calm and already free of distractions. So that you don’t have to do any more work. This will help you concentrate on your studies. The ideal location is a calm, well-lit area with a large, comfortable chair and no nearby electronics or gadgets. Since it is usually quiet, the library is a great place to study. 

 Keep your desk tidy at all times. Your table should be clear of clutter. Only keep what you absolutely need, such as books and necessary stationery. You can get side-tracked from your work by unnecessary items. Mental and physical clutter are often related. Avoid keeping entertainment   magazines to reduce distractions. 

4.Learn to say a straight “NO”

This is a helpful tip, particularly while studying. You are inevitably going to become confused when studying something as broad and diverse as the IAS syllabus. When you are reviewing your optional sections, you could begin to consider the General Studies sections. The temptation to read your textbook while reading the newspaper every day could be strong. Avoid doing all of this and, when tempted, tell yourself “No.”This definitely will help you to avoid distractions. Only when you have finished your current task should you go on to the next one that is scheduled. This tip can also be used to fend off unwanted interruptions like the phone or a nosy neighbour. 

5. Join a study group

 Choose on a study group that includes folks who are sensible and task-focused. You don’t always have to choose your best friend for this, as talking to them while you should be studying could interfere with your focus. Having a study companion is a smart move since you can share ideas and view the world from a different angle than you do. Always choose someone you believe to be smarter than you. Choose a study partner that is committed, knowledgeable, and alright with teaching you if you truly want to learn. You will get more done during your study sessions. Joining a motivated group will help you avoid distractions while preparing. We at Eduzone IAS, equip you with the best study materials and top-notch guidance to make you feel more relaxed while studying. You will also get to know fellow aspirants who are well-focused in the preparation. 

It is simpler to take a small step than to climb a mountain. Therefore, proceed step by step and before you know it, you’ll be on the other side of the mountain. 

Good luck! 

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