Eduzone IAS Academy


Apt for aspirants aiming enrichment of content and honing of answer writing skills towards upgradation of preparation efficiency and ultimate improvement of Mains scores! SEP-ADAPT is the ultimate solution for improving confidence of those disheartened by the setbacks of UPSC CSE. 

Course Description

4 month programme offering theme based coverage of entire syllabus of UPSC Mains Examination, including rigorous answer writing practice, along with tests in line with latest UPSC format. SEP-ADAPT aims to pull your GS scores to > 400 through synchronized development of subject knowledge and answer presentation.

Course Structure:


  • Weekly discussion of syllabus-pinned and currently relevant themes of Mains General Studies 
  • Holistic and exhaustive notes to complete your repository of materials
  • Coverage of latest Economic Survey, Budget and other important Government documents
  • Encompassing static subject knowledge along with contemporary events of importance
  • Updation from important resources including Yojana, Kurukshetra, NCERTs, DowntoEarth etc


  • 1 month daily answer writing programme to improve the structure and presentation of mains answers
  • Comparative, cluster based evaluation by experienced mentors, ensuring individual attention
  • Questions framed from entire syllabus in the latest format.
  • Followed by 3-hour tests in line with UPSC schedule
  • Detailed answer key and discussion